A song of Spring
From leaves of green.
Fresh breeze stirs
The evening trees
To brush the clouds
As if to clean
Away the smoke and tease
In swirls of pastoral
White and grey
From sombre skies of London’s
Now June, a blazing
Orange sun
And azure heavens birds
Dive through.
Is summer loved by everyone
When in coatless warmth
Life starts anew?


The tenants should have fob keys
To open the front door.
But there is a charge for them
And most of us are poor.

Sometimes they put the boot in.
We hear the loud bang.
Then the steel doors of their flats
Close with a clang.

The intercom is broken.
Friends arrive unheard
But we are very happy here
Which may seem absurd.

With green trees at the windows
And large rooms full of sun
We wouldn’t want to leave here
Complaints? We haven’t one!


River surface green and brown
Flowing through London town.
Curving,sliding, showing, hiding.
Rising up and rushing down.
Sparkling, splashing, irredescent.
Sun gleams on silver drops to rise.
Diamonds shining evervescent
under England’s lilac skies.
Cool the streams where rest
Beige pebbles.
Lime green streaks in waters glow.
Through the woodlands of
Fair England, onwards, onwards,
Seaward go.
Past villages, through bridges
River Thames forever flow.


The sun like a huge golden bowl
Lit up the Magpie who stole.
His black greenish wings
Hid plenty of things:
Bright papers, tin lids,
Glass marbles from kids.
His nest bulged with bracelets
And rings.
Yes, the Magpie has plenty of things!

He’s clear white and black
With tail feathers long.
I wish he’d give back
What to him don’t belong,
But he hides and hoards
All things that gleam.
Sometimes you see him glide
Over a stream.

And on goes the black and
White thief.
He tried to remove from a leaf
A rain drop that shines.
Diamonds from mines would
Dazzle him beyond belief!

Ah.. But the sun like a huge
Golden bowl, lit up the
Magpie who stole.
His image shone clear
To all who were near
So they sent him to perch on
A pole!


A nightingale sang to
The deep blue sky.
The song had a tortoise
Wondering why.
He found some lettuce
And ate his fill.
Then ambled slowly
Back up the hill.
As this tortoise always
Looks at the ground
He couldn’t see who
Was making the sound.
Because his music tastes
Were scanty, he decided
to drink Chiante!

Then his mother warned
Him ‘Don’t over indulge
It can cause a young tortoise
to divulge,
Family secrets of a bizarre kind
And before you know it,
We’ll be undermind.
We may lose our rights in the garden
And made to curtsey and
Say “Beg your pardon,”
Then over ruled by the birds
And the bees,
We’ll hear no more music
From the trees.”

Her son the tortoise
Thought for a while.
Then slowly re-corked the wine,
With a smile.
He said “I wouldn’t mind
Being over ruled
If in great singing I
Could be schooled”
But a scornful creature
A tom cat yelled,
“A singing tortoise!
Who heard of that?”
So the tortoise went
Back into his shell.
And for music lovers
That was just as well!


I’m graceful on silvery waves.
My eyes glint a colourless fire.
When I’m near my cygnet behaves
And addresses my husband as Sire.

It’s the hens and the geese and the drakes
Who make the most dreadful mistakes,
But this royal bird utters no word.
She shimmers on icy cold lakes.

Oh I’m graceful on the blue air.
I rival the clouds,I’m so fair.
I have enormous webbed feet.
I don’t walk on the street.
I’m a swan; I have to take care.

Yes I’m graceful. I glide so serene.
My plumage is snowy and clean.
I have a curved neck.
I don’t merely peck,
But reach for your gift
Like Queen!


It’s half past nine.
You said you’d be back at eight.
What can we do your cat and I
But wait?

Your supper is ready
Arranged upon the plate
I am hungry, but your
Cat and I just wait.

It is ten oclock
But it’s in the hands of fate.
Your supper was cold
Which your cat just ate!