When she turns off the news
To escape the blues
And plays Strauss.
Oh! how uplifting
A sound that is shifting
Each speck of grief
From the house.

When the cheese is Stilton
And the poetry’s Milton
She’s fulfilled.
When the bread is wholemeal
And her income a fair deal
She is thrilled.

When the sun is shining
Where she’s reclining
It’s bliss
When her hair is breeze stirred
And an evening song bird
Back grounds a kiss.


A song of Spring
From leaves of green.
Fresh breeze stirs
The evening trees
To brush the clouds
As if to clean
Away the smoke and tease
In swirls of pastoral
White and grey
From sombre skies of London’s
Now June, a blazing
Orange sun
And azure heavens birds
Dive through.
Is summer loved by everyone
When in coatless warmth
Life starts anew?


River surface green and brown
Flowing through London town.
Curving,sliding, showing, hiding.
Rising up and rushing down.
Sparkling, splashing, irredescent.
Sun gleams on silver drops to rise.
Diamonds shining evervescent
under England’s lilac skies.
Cool the streams where rest
Beige pebbles.
Lime green streaks in waters glow.
Through the woodlands of
Fair England, onwards, onwards,
Seaward go.
Past villages, through bridges
River Thames forever flow.


I’m graceful on silvery waves.
My eyes glint a colourless fire.
When I’m near my cygnet behaves
And addresses my husband as Sire.

It’s the hens and the geese and the drakes
Who make the most dreadful mistakes,
But this royal bird utters no word.
She shimmers on icy cold lakes.

Oh I’m graceful on the blue air.
I rival the clouds,I’m so fair.
I have enormous webbed feet.
I don’t walk on the street.
I’m a swan; I have to take care.

Yes I’m graceful. I glide so serene.
My plumage is snowy and clean.
I have a curved neck.
I don’t merely peck,
But reach for your gift
Like Queen!