Jane had a date
She wanted to impress;
A film star she met
In Rome.
Then her sister arrived
Wearing the same dress,
O how Jane longed for home.
Via Veneto is a glamorous place.
The sisters were English
And much sought after.
True, they had a certain grace
And celebrated life
With much laughter.

But how could they compare
With the divorcees
Who had alimony to spare
The American ladies
In elegant clothes
While the sisters bought
One beer to share
And fended off the Italian
Men in droves.

The film star wanted
A one night stand
Jane said “No” despite
His fame.
He thought himself grand
The whole world knows his name.
There is something in winning
When you say “No”
When the world is spinning
And you’d rather say “Yes.”
Victory for a short time
Does glow,
But still, “NO!” can bring


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