Thomas the wild boy
Of his class
Has got a degree
How did he pass?

The other boys
Were of him afraid.
And every school rule
He disobeyed.

O Thomas a bad one
Was he,
But he got to
A good university.

How did he suddenly
Decide to try?
Was a girl the reason

Or was it a film
About a lazy lout
Who ended up
Going without?

Whatever it was
That changed the lad.
It just goes to show,
He wasn’t all bad.


One thought on “REFORMED

  1. Well good on Thomas. At university, at least for the first three years, all I did was study, study, study. As it happened, I got to know a couple of students who never worked and never attended lectures, and did very well. I was so envious, and I didn’t realize that the reason was that they were brilliant. After that, I kind of went off the rails, not just because of them, although they certainly contributed. A thought-provoking piece, Margaret.

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