She walked into a golden church
With amber walls
And platinum floor.
She had come to search,
But had not been there before.
The walls were lit
With crystal light
From moonlight that flowed within.
She had come to find things right
Since knowing of her sin.

A large cross over the altar
On which two candles burned.
She moved then seemed
To falter,
From seeking the peace
She yearned.
Then lit a candle from a stand
And sent a prayer to beseech
That Jesus would understand
But he seemed beyond
Her reach.

Then realised she was
Not alone
She turning saw an ancient tramp
Who perhaps had come to atone.
His face bore a tragic stamp.
They neither spoke
Yet it did seem
Jesus led them to this place.
The tramp bent his head as if
To dream.
She thought ‘There, but for
The grace.’


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