A landscape, the observer
Is not part of.
Seen through a window:
The sulky sky shifts clouds
Above changing trees.
Each side of the road
Is lined by cars.
Strange they have replaced
Walking people.
Cars crouch accusingly.
Rising buildings look cold
and forbidding.
Where are the adventures
Of yesterday?
Running through fields;
Climbing trees.
Who explores the winding stream
Bubbling over pebbles
A mongrel pants with excitement
Racing alongside her?
Gone! Long ago.
The beloved dog, the loyal friend?
At present, interiors hug
The occupant, her memories
Clear as the glass window pane.
The fading past instructs her
To relish this time
Of freedom to create
In the times lavished upon her.
Yet another Spring.
Will replenish the trees.
Sunlight will enhance her walls.
Bird song add music.
This is a future to grasp.
The privilege is hope.
A streak of sun lights the book case.
Many books by those
whose hopes were realised
In publication.
Some have gone, leaving
A paper legacy, that for
The time being is enduring.
She too will endure,
As long as it takes.


2 thoughts on “MEMORIES EVOLVING.

  1. An atmospheric piece (and peace), past, present and future, Margaret, with the warm upward sweep to the ending. I feel a certain sense of loss when I read it, but adventures, I think, are a state of mind, and they can be all around us. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Steve. I am nostalgic for some aspects of childhood which accounts for the sense of loss. Adventures of the mind, as an adult, can be exciting too. You are right.

      Liked by 1 person

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