Skimming through:
Across the sea scape
Beyond the horizon.
Silver flames curl
On the glittering span.
Cheeks of purple clouds
Embrace the magical scene
As water surrenders to the sky.
Gulls snowy wings curve
Above the lashing waves
That leave ripples on the shore.
The turquoise sea glitters.
White smoke almost obscures
the pale gold sun. its rays
splinter across the heavens.
She replaces the postcard
And moves on.


3 thoughts on “BROWSING

    1. Thank you Steve. I enjoyed writing this. I think you have influenced me into trying to write something beautiful instead of political protest or melancholic verse. However, my next poem is, again, I fear to say, serious, but it’s one I wrote some time ago and revised. I really enjoy your poems. They are what poetry ought to be about although have you read Wend Cope whose latest book is called anecdotal evidence? She asks ‘What’s the use of poetry? Well here’s a start. It’s anecdotal evidence about the human heart.’

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      1. To be honest, I think all writers are different and what matters is to write what comes from your heart, however that might be. As always, I’m glad you enjoy my work . No, I haven’t read anything by Cope, I’ll take a look. Oh, that’s a similar message. I guess it doesn’t mean you necessarily spell out inner truths.

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