We thought it was a marvel
So varied was its use.
It could be hard as metal
Or spaghetti like and loose.
We made almost anything:
Bottles, tables, shelves.
Now it’s come back with a sting
To distress ourselves.

Supple as elastic,
It flies into the face.
No longer fantastic.
The litter a disgrace!
It destroys marine life.
And we cannot kill it
The land fill objects
When we try to fill it.

The rivers are invaded
With this terrible debris
That is not bio degraded;
It will outlive you and me.
The fish now eat it
And we eat the fish.
Will we ever defeat it
This poison on our dish?

I look around this room
And see with alarm.
so much plastic that
Will surely do us harm.
We must eliminate
Plastic from our planet,
Before it is too late


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