Varied reality.
Changes to view.
Colours of the rainbow;
Fluorescent hue.
Movements entwining.
Shapes so diverse.
Ways of divining
Speech long or terse.

Meanings apparent.
Motives obscure.
Pictures transparent.
Light proven pure.
Sound that is silent.
Music that’s heard.
Embrace which is violent.
Voiceless the word.

Deep pool of sunlight.
Ripples of gold.
Winged is a Dove’s flight
Beauty untold.
Varied images;
All life contains.
Parts of entirety
No human explains.


3 thoughts on “KALEIDOSCOPE

  1. I like the brilliant and varied imagery of life in this piece, Margaret. Things that are, that are salient, and perhaps need no explanation. By the way, it was fascinating to read your father’s poems in the light of your own words about him: it added another dimension.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the poems Steve. Thank you for your comments Steve. My father was an interesting man. He was fascinated by electronics, literature, music and Scottish history All this before computers were in most people’s homes.

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