The truth you paint is vicious,
Tempting one to prefer lies.
This may seem suspicious;
A poetic disguise.
You portray graphic violence
Of murderous rape ordeals.
I’d rather have the silence
Than to know how this feels.

It’s agreed that history
Is there for us to learn.
It should not be a mystery
And books we must not burn.
But some ways of time have beauty
To enjoy and to seize.
It is more than our duty
To engage with such as these.

Denounce discrimination.
Don’t perpetuate that crime.
Thank God for the salvation
That we’ve realised in time.
Although it’s still not finished
That is understood,
But life will be diminished
If we’re blind to what is good!


One thought on “TO A PROTEST POET

  1. I agree with the sentiments here, Margaret. I think there are depths to which art can go, to which humans can go, and sharing them doesn’t help anyone in any way. For me, it is as you say, we need to know the truth, and perhaps find some hope, but that doesn’t mean we need to dwell in darkness.

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