I saw the Beatles in 1965.
Yes! I saw them live!
Everyone was screaming so loud,
But I was too proud
to scream.
It’s hard to understand
‘I wanna hold your hand’
Those simple lyrics
sent people to hysterics
And confound.
They were a great sound.
In a seat near me,
And lady with white hair
Screamed in despair,
so great was her love
For the fab four.
We just wanted more and more.
‘Twist and shout!’
What was that about?
It was all great
And never too late
To hear John, Paul, George
and Ringo,
Especially when you feel low.
John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’
Being the best of songs
That heals all wrongs
At least he meant it
to do so.



3 thoughts on “THE BEATLES

  1. I am envious, Margaret. I only heard them on the radio. Ah yes, it is hard to understand and explain. When I listen now, it’s different, I was so young back then, and I can’t even say what I was feeling: perhaps that there were some mysteries in life waiting for me. I think their timing and harmonies were good (I’m noticing that now that I have better sound equipment), the lyrics were simple, and maybe they came at a time when there really wasn’t much for young people. I can’t explain the older woman. 🙂 PS: good work.

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    1. Thank you Steve. I think the Beatles were fun, especially when John Lennon, appearing on the Palladian asked the people in the poor seats to clap and those in the posh seats to rattle their jewels. The Queen Mother waved to him graciously from the royal box and John gave her a cheeky smile. Very Liverpool!,

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