To charm him she fried an egg,
bacon, mushrooms and beans
Arranged on a yellow plate.
They were both in their teens.
She added some fried bread
And gave orange juice.
His face became quite red;
The colour of puce.

“I love you”, he said,
His mouth full of mushroom and egg
She laughed and swirled her hips
Showing a lot of leg.
“let me wash your plate.
You’ve eaten with such speed.
I’m not one to criticise,
But are you affected by greed?

If you are, don’t move.
I’ve made a lovely rice pud.
I’ll serve you a bowl full,
But only if you’re good.”
“Good at what?” he cried,
“I failed everything at school,
But that egg was nicely fried.
Though I’m something of a fool.”

“Well I think you’re bright enough”
She said in sympathy.
“I expect growing up was tough
Why don’t you live with me?”
“Oh! No, my wife would be cross
But she is an awful cook!
She wouldn’t be a great loss
If she were forsook.

Don’t forget the rice pud.
Have you put cinnamon on top?
I’ll be so very good
You’ll have to beg me to stop.”
“Stop what?” she cried eagerly.
“Eating of course,” he replied.
She doled out the pud meagerly
Then turned away and sighed!


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