Knowledge unfurls
On a small bright screen.
Worlds within worlds
Information to glean.
New facts of each kind
At a click.
Store many things on a stick.
Glamour and crime.
Politics and rhyme.
Look for a book
In no time.
Look for dancing
All over the earth.
Pictures advancing.
Look for mirth.
Listen to songs
From every country
Singing clear.
From any year.
News of now.
Films of yesterday.
Lessons on how.
Sporting heroes.
Places to stay.
The planet’s reverse.
How the web grows.
Is it a curse
To which we’re addicted?
We can’t let it be.
Who could have predicted
This was how it would be?
We love the net.
It’s part of our being.
We cannot regret
so much to be seeing.
Where Oh where will
It all end
Now that the net is
a best friend?


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