“What’s up?”
“France have won the world cup!
They are winners,
But we’re not beginners
Football was our game.
Do we deserve the fame?
It was our invention.
Now it’s got world attention.
Who shall we blame?
They’ve led us a dance.
It’s no mystery.
Look at the history.
They’re rivals of old.
Now we are out goaled.

Croatia played a good game.
They’re not to blame,
But they lost to the French
Who will now entrench
Their victory
With triumph and glee.
Croatia has our sympathy.
They came very near
To the winner’s cheer.
And we felt their agony.
Does it matter at all.
It’s only football,
So to France let’s reach
out our hands.
Fair play, the Brit. understands.
Four years isn’t so far.
We can return as the star
And WIN!


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