When there’s a roaring in the sky
And an aeroplane goes by,
You wonder where it’s going to;
Far beyond you,
leaving a white trail behind.
You try not to mind
That you’re kept on earth
And have been since birth.
You haven’t been anywhere,
But you could swear
A journey was taken,
But you might be mistaken.
It was a long time ago.
You decide to move really slow
And get that old bike from the shed
Pedal power might be better
Than flying instead!
It shows independence!


3 thoughts on “MAKING DO

  1. Is it making do, or is it all there really is? I walk when I can, don’t have a bike; maybe that’s what “seeing the world” really means. A thoughtful piece, Margaret. I thought the “journey” couplet was a standout


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