Who cares if you
Have a breakdown?
Who cares when you
Go away?
They’ll not miss you
When you leave town,
No matter what they say.

Who cares when you
Say it’s finished?
Who cares that you’re alone?
They’ll just say you’re
When you don’t answer the

Who cares that you
Traded insults they
Couldn’t see behind.
Just seeking your faults?
Now you don’t mind.

Do you care that you’ve
Been off-centre?
Do you care about losing
Why? Oh! Why be
A dissenter?
Making sure involvement

A solo walk may be safer
No commitments to trap
the soul?
Does the holy cup and
The wafer
Reconnect you
To the whole?

Yes! He cares that you
Lost your reason.
For to God you belong.
You are passing through
A season.
You will emerge from it strong!


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