She was riding on her thoughts
To an unknown destiny
With a courage that supports
The defiant and the free.
She has broken all constraints
With such ability.
Forgotten now earthly complaints
Banished disability.

Riding, riding far away
Not turning once to see
What is left of the day
Happy, happy just to be.
Weightless ,moving on
Her shadow on the sky.
Something must have been won
How many of us learn to fly?


One thought on “FREEDOM

  1. This is very beautiful! If only we could each learn to fly within our own lives, and leave others to theirs,without complaint! I love your poem for reasons to believe! Society has so many opinions and complaints about everyone else, at the expense of their own happiness. The more an individual pays attention to their own life and living, the ability to rise above anything becomes possible. Bravo dear poet! đŸ™‚


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