It seems that she was always there
Reigning from her office chair.
Large, blue eyes with hennaed hair.
Yes, she was always there.

Cashmere sweaters she did wear.
A diamond ring large and square.
Nails long, red and bright.
How she did delight
In the beauty of things rare.
From India unwrapped with care.
Yes. she was always there.

Later, her surviving staff
Found it possible to laugh
Because they do declare,
But she was always there!
Ruling from her office chair
The chief buyer of giftware
And now she is out somewhere
Yet always there.


2 thoughts on “A PERMANENT FIXTURE

    1. Thank you Steve. Sadly I believe the Manager of the giftware department is dead although as the poem reveals that is hard to believe. She loved life so and she is memorable.

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