Behind the stall
Stood Emily Brown;
A church warden
Of local renown.
She works at the stall
All day.
Determined to make it pay.
The church was
Emily’s life
Because she was
Nobody’s wife.
As she fingered
The second hand treasures
The gifts were her
greatest pleasures.

A rhinestone necklace.
A carved wooden box.
Clothes scarcely worn.
A brooch shaped like
a fox.
Chains for the neck.
Bracelets many.
A yellow bowl.
Books galore.
Pictures of birds
That had been in store.
Crockery, glasses,
Knives and forks.
A tool for removing corks
A blue felt cat
with red stitched edges.
A pair of shears
For cutting hedges.

At the end of the day
When she counted her take.
Emily had stood without
a break.
The church can demand
And show little appreciation.
But if the thanks
were poor,
Emily knew who she was
working for.
She’s willing to wait
For her reward
In the smile that shines
From the face of our Lord.


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