They are beautiful
The women he brings home
For his wife’s appraisal
And welcome.
They are his friends.
Not out to get him
Or take his away.
There were worries:
The dark woman with
her dazzling smile
Used much of his time.
He seemed smitten.
It wasn’t her intention
To own him
Did I mention he’s seventy nine?
Too old to be ensnared.
His wife is spared
The pain of desertion.

The girl from Vietnam
Came is a sexy dress.
And I confess there were doubts
about her.
She didn’t visit much
His wife is grateful
Not having the persona of a saint.
She sometimes thought,
Oh they are all the same!
But was it not she
Who was predictable?
These women add colour to
Their lives.
Is this how love revives
With the admission
They are too old to play
the games of competition
Finding other things to do
While still loving.


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