The times they lived through
Forged their being
Something the young
Had trouble seeing.
When parents spoke
of the war
Youngsters yawned
Oh what a bore!
When mother had no money
The children asked
For bread and honey.
The houses then
Were freezing cold
It wasn’t until
The children were old
That they thought
Of their parent’s aches and pains
The many losses and few gains
That had burdened those lives
So hard that the memory
Still survives.
Compassion for them
Comes too late
To lessen a burden
That was great.
Only a prayer
That they are at peace
In a place where
Human worries cease.


3 thoughts on “TO MY PARENTS

  1. My mother is still alive, but I can relate to the feelings you have expressed here, Margaret. I was a young rebel with the big wide world before me, and I rarely gave a thought to my parents. But I don’t think it is ever too late to forgive yourself.

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