Changes in reality.
Varied actuality.
These aspects are what I see
Reflected in your poetry.

Threads of beauty blazing
Through images amazing!
These aspects entrance me
Reflected in your poetry.

Your liquid shapes are colour.
Oh! How much duller
Are the words I write.
And I would say goodnight,

But you have inspired me
The muse has not yet fired me
And promise I now see
Reflected in my poetry!


3 thoughts on “TO STEVE

  1. That would be the impressive Stephen Spender, no doubt. 😸 Your work is not at all dull, Margaret. I don’t know what gives a particular poem a resonance, but there are so many styles and forms, ways of expression, and many different audiences. So I say, keep writing, and maybe I mentioned the writing advice that has stuck with me over time: write from the heart and don’t hold back. 😃


    1. You are too modest Steve. The poem was to you. Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot to have feedback. I joked with my husband that I had given away two of my best phrases to this chap in Australia whose work it is a privilege to read. He said “Well if you fall out you can always ask for them back!”

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