We choose from chicken, beef or lamb
Or processed meat like breaded ham.
The bakery smells really good.
The fruit is fresh, that’s understood.

Yoghurts, milk and varied creams
Are tastes beyond our wildest dreams.
The salad and abundant veg
Are green as our suburban hedge.

Fish in batter and smoked salmon.
We Rush past this to grab the gammon,
Then adding to former mistakes
Help ourselves to large fruit cakes.

An outsize woman passes by
Who somehow seems to catch my eye.
I put the cakes back with great speed
To conquer this indulgent greed,

To find that I am much seduced
By doughnuts that have been reduced.
I pause amid sudden shame
Although the adverts are to blame.

I think of those who cannot eat
Who carry water in the heat.
Then of men who fought the war.
It was our freedom they fought for.

How ungrateful it would be
To live in guilt and misery
And undervalue all we’ve got.
So let’s enjoy the sumptuous lot!


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