A nightingale sang to
The deep blue sky.
The song had a tortoise
Wondering why.
He found some lettuce
And ate his fill.
Then ambled slowly
Back up the hill.
As this tortoise always
Looks at the ground
He couldn’t see who
Was making the sound.
Because his music tastes
Were scanty, he decided
to drink Chiante!

Then his mother warned
Him ‘Don’t over indulge
It can cause a young tortoise
to divulge,
Family secrets of a bizarre kind
And before you know it,
We’ll be undermind.
We may lose our rights in the garden
And made to curtsey and
Say “Beg your pardon,”
Then over ruled by the birds
And the bees,
We’ll hear no more music
From the trees.”

Her son the tortoise
Thought for a while.
Then slowly re-corked the wine,
With a smile.
He said “I wouldn’t mind
Being over ruled
If in great singing I
Could be schooled”
But a scornful creature
A tom cat yelled,
“A singing tortoise!
Who heard of that?”
So the tortoise went
Back into his shell.
And for music lovers
That was just as well!


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