There’s politics on the radio
And on the internet.
There’s politics on the tele
In case the people forget.
There’s no politics in the street
No matter who you meet.
There’s leaflets through the letter box
And posters in the shops
Telling you which party
Means to come out tops.
You can vote for Labour
For Tory or Lib Dem
As for the UKIP party:
Please don’t vote for them!

You can volunteer to canvas
If you really would like
So long as you don’t join
Theresa on her hike.
I’m thinking to vote for Jeremy
He looks so inofensive.
The Torys seem to have lifestyles
that are very expensive.
If they wont keep quiet
Till after the 8th June
I may go to Australia
Or even to the moon.
But I bet Theresa May
Would even find me there
With her hard electioneering
And perfectly combed hair.
For if I hear her repeated
comments about playing it tough
I will just switch off everything.
Because I’ve had enough!


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