How does it make us feel
To be clasped in a city’s
Concrete and steel
Beneath buildings too high
Watching traffic pass by?
Without identity
Among the millions that we see?
Yet I have freedom to create
A painting or poem , of late.

In a place where my heart can bloom
Alone in a single room.
For even in this high rise flat
I can keep a cat;
And grow flowers on the window sill
And strive for independence still.
Above the roof sound aeroplanes.
I think of the losses and
The gains.
The losses are forgotten years.
The gains a conquering of fears.

May this City long survive,
Peaceful, diverse and so alive
For at last we can feel
Affection for its concrete and steel,
In the hope our work will give
Pleasure to all who later live
To watch the Thames softly flow,
And remember who worked here long ago.


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