Gone to other places
Those once familiar faces.
We are left
Bereft of friendships known.
Now alone,
To watch the sun
And wonder if what begun
As happiness, love and fun
Has vapourised above.
While the bright air
Holds us, as if spare
of humankind..
Now we are old
And no, I don’t mind.
Young grief?
Alternative belief?
Passion desguised as love.
I recall,
So much to prove:
Society a threat
Whose demands beset one
Like a private hell.
Giving a tendency to rebel
And we are told
“It’s terrible to be old”
Life consumes youth
Then resumes with wisdom,
Clarity, and the search
for truth.
Feeling creation’s worth
For surely as the stars
shine, this earth was created
by God, the Divine
Though people may dim
the orbes of night
Life will survive.
Our hopes will remain bright


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