A place is not a fish
Because it doesn’t have an ‘i’ in it.
A fish is not a place
Because it doesn’t have an’e’.
I stand to be corrected
For my spelling has no why in it?
The right pronunciations have
Often baffled me.
A mote is not a moat
Because there is no ‘a’ in it.
Decisions can be reached,
But we don’t have our say.
Money can be sweet,
But you always have to pay with it.
Most poets that we meet
Give it all away.

A hole is not the whole;
It hasn’t got the space in it.
A goal is not a goal
When it’s disallowed.
A courtship’s not much fun
Unless there is some chase to it.
Strange to say achievements
Sometimes make the Devil proud.
To be well bread;
There is good taste to it.
Being easily led can way you down.
Being forced to weight
Might include time’s waste to it.
But timing may be urgent
When you must get out of town.

When there is cheese to great.
Oh! The wonder of it!
Spread on Dover Soul
Near the deep sea.
When there is a storm
We hear the thunder of it
And listen to our Maker’s poetry.
The poets get it write
When they see the scan of it
But it doesn’t mean they’re right
With each verse.
Yesterday I started this
And somehow ran with it
But now I need a psychiatric nurse!


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