When Karen Doyle got married
Her friends were all aghast,
Because they knew she
Had an exotic past.
At school she thought boys
Were the best thing since ice cream.
One boy in particular about
Whom she would dream.

He would sling her on the cross bar
Of his blue racing bike.
Then pedal a great distance
To a place they both did like.
There among the flowers
And the golden humming bees.
They would gorge themselves on cake
Then go home for their teas.

Of course these dreams faded
And she soon forgot the boy
But it sent her off in pursuit
Of many others to enjoy.
Some of them were handsome
Some of them quite old.
She gave freely of her favours
Which were never sold.

A happy girl and pretty,
She had lovers by the score.
It is said that she was witty
And honest to the core.
When Karen caught the eye
Of handsome Calvin Grey,
She abandoned her admirers
And announced her wedding day.

“I’ve been involved in research,”
She told Calvin Grey.
“I’ve searched for years to find you
So please don’t go away.”
He put his arms around her
Which they both did like.
He muttered softly in her ear,
“I’ve still got that bike!”


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