The summer air is hazy.
It seems that I’ve been lazy
Not wanting to leave
My comfort zone.
There are things I have to do,
But I’m really missing you.
The air has lost its champagne tone.

When you are in the room
It’s like an orchid is in bloom
And the sunlight pierces gold
On these drab walls.
I could paint them I suppose.
But the lethargy it grows.
I don’t want to, yet duty calls.

Once in a bedsitter
Long before Facebook and Twitter,
I glossed a toilet seat and bath.
This cause great annoyance,
But you do not need clairvoyance
To imagine how much this
Made my house mates laugh.

I have plans to decorate,
But today they must wait
Then I’ll try to do better
Than before.
At the moment I have dreams
Not unreal as it seems.
So far I have white glossed
The toilet door.

Tomorrow love will win
As I open the paint tin
Because I know that you work hard.
The flat will gleam and glitter,
Unlike that past bedsitter
New decor will triumph
Over poems, from this bard!


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