How to retain balance
For the digit in this
System of electronic people?
Help us before we are lost
in technology with voices
Not our own to ask
The questions no one
Dares to answer.

Huge need exists beneath
Celebrity’s glitter.
And lies! lies! from politics
That haunt the sound waves
And rouse us to temporary anger.
Caring is the exhausted doctor
Where bombs explode and children
God help them!
Prayers go unanswered.

We often walk to supermarkets,
Get stuck in traffic,
Walk dogs, stroke cats
Laugh with babies.
Help us! We are unable to
Make a difference
Because it is too late.

The check out girl smiled,
Her children are safe.
We paid the fuel bill.
The rent is in credit.
Small satisfactions?
Knowing what we do of the
Carnage elsewhere.

The end is invisible.
Ours is a guilty life.
Fragments of happiness drift
Through quiet skies
Spellbound,we seize them
To alleviate fear,
And time passes…..


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