“She’s left him!”
“No! After all these years!
Who’d have thought it would
End in tears.”
“Her dependents:
Two donkeys, three dogs
And a parrot,
Oh yes, and a son
Named Garret.”
“Who would have guessed
It would end thus.”
“She wants no fuss.”
“How will she find
A house with a field?”
“He’s well heeled.
She asked her brother to help.
One of those dogs does
Nothing but yelp.
He won’t stand it.
But you have to hand it to her
She’s brave.
He’ll have to find
Another slave.”
“Is he Okay?”
“Oh yes, he’ll miss
The parrot.”
“What about Garret?”
Oh. They never did get on”
Has she met someone?
Why did she leave?”
“I think his name’s Steve.”
“He’s taking on a lot.”
“It depends on how much he’s got.”
“Yes, it’s usually sex or money.
Isn’t life funny!”


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