After the war, no money
Father out of work
Book cases made with
Orange boxes from the
Green grocers.

Upstairs a child twists
The rubber buttons on
Her liberty bodice.
Then paints her face brown
Like a gypsy.
Thinking how can she make
Them rich?
In the kitchen
Mother takes a bread
Pudding from the oven,
Planning revenge for her marriage.

The child takes a shopping
basket from the back of
The larder door.
She goes to the park
And gathers twigs into
“Two pence a bunch,”
Round the doors.
No takers.
“Two pennce two bunches.”
No takers.
“Two pence six bunches!”

“Two pence the lot!”
No takers.
She goes home
With her burden.
“Some fire wood Mother.”
“Thank you dear.
Now go and wash your face.”


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