They were lovers when
Ella sang “Get out of town”
And Frank called “Set em up Joe”.
When whisky stopped them
From feeling down.
How were they to know
It was just a phase
That passed in a haze
An alcohol reverie?
They laughed and loved
Rebelled and lazed
Till the jolt of reality.

Alcoholic a word
To describe his state
She tried to deny.
Already it was far too late
To understand why.
When from the clinic
He emerged,
Love and pity for him surged.
The light in his eyes
Had died.
His voice was flat
That was that.
Yes, she cried.

When she hears Ella sing
She thinks how once he
meant everything
Yet time subdues the pain
Of knowing they won’t
Meet again.
Though memories of the
Past return.
With the years we grow and learn
How gradually the heart moves on
To accept a love affair
Has gone.


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