Oh! Elvis on this record cover,
How could I have loved another?
When you sang ‘Heartbreak Hotel,
I lived there as well.

Nineteen fifty seven –
Rock and roll our teenage heaven.
My boyfriend’s lime green socks
Sensational as his brill creamed locks,

Diverted me, then Pat Boon
‘April love’ beneath the moon
played constantly upon my brain.
I was in love again.

Yet my father’s weary groans
Could not prevent the Rolling Stones
With the ominous distraction
‘I can’t get no satifaction’.

And the Beatles everywhere
With ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah yeah’
Then not to be missed
All of London doing the Twist!

Swinging London, it was claimed
For fun and culture famed.
Hippies and flower power followed.
Pills for ecstasy were swallowed.

Oh! The drugs and the mistakes!
Oh! The laughter and heartbreaks!
A hotel closed where Elvis played
I’m not sure if the bill was paid!

Some bore the cost, there is no doubt
They wondered what it was about.
Others, when faced with the charge,
Escaped and might be still at large?


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