She cannot reach him.
The silver mists of night
Swathe the moon.
A pale orb in vapour
Behind her tears.
Drone of an aeroplane
Drills the sky of hidden stars.
A breeze stirs leaves
Rippling the glimmer of a
kerb-side pool.

He has travelled
Beyond her grief,her voice,
Abandoning all they have built.
She would tear out her soul
To bring him back.
Street lamps dazzle metal cars
Windows empty of light
Stare blankly,
As time passes without him.

Solace to dream of his
Foolish to regret.
Morning is distant and waiting
seems fruitless,
But to relinquish hope
Would be endless
For Faith supports life
Gives it meaning.

Winter passes to the clarity
Of Spring.
A vision of flowers and blossom.
Pain drips like acid
Corroding the enamel cross
She still wears.
Her suddenb cry echoes
Among a tree’s outside branches
But remains unanswered
Birds continue to sing
As if nothing has changed.

The empty rooms hurl accusations
Weeping means surrender.
Impossible to go on as before.
Before he left.
The footprints of time
March relentlessly forward.

Then Summer trees
With town’s dusty leaves.
And scorched grass in parks
Depresses with deadness
Red sun blazes behind roof-tops
And conveys warmth without
Lonely white clouds fluff the blue sky.

Where to go?
Holidays are for others
And will not stave off Autumn.
How beautiful!
Fragmented crimson and gold
Leaves crackling underfoot
The church bell clangs
A passing neighbour calls
“Hello. Alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”
When winter comes
He may return to see
Her transparent breath on
The window pane
And find her still
Waiting for him.


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