I’m an old woman
Sitting on a bench
Wondering if I look
As good as Judy Dench.
Fearing that she
Looks younger than me.
It’s hard to compete
With a celebrity

In Stratfod Market
The crowds are walking,
Shopping, laughing
Looking and talking.
St.John’s Church
Has an open door,
But who is the parson
Now waiting for?

Stratford is a good
Place to be
Full of surprises
With so much to see.
Gangs of pick pockets
Girls working the street
Stratford has its own
Special heartbeat.

Mobiles ringing.
Mothers with prams.
Vagrants singing.
Traffic jams.

Athiests, Budhists,
Jehovas and agnostics
Gypsies, therapists
Herbal diagnostics.
Every colour, every
Wealthy people, others
in need.

Old ladies raking through
The goods.
Young men smoking,
Hiding in hoods.
Muslims, Christians
Sikhs and Jews
Catholics, Scientologists
And Hindus.

Oh well, I’d better
Get going.
To catch a red bus.
There’s a cold wind blowing.
Just an old woman
Leaving the bench
Think I’ll get my hair cut
Like Judy Dench!


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