I weep for the forest.
Now the trees are hacked down.
The fox and the badger
Must scavenge in town.
The birds can’t find insects
To sustain their lives.
It is the human who selfishly thrives.

The squirrels will cleverly
Nest in my loft.
I let them because I am soft.
The leaf patterned glades
Are the wonderful past
And a carpet of leaves
Though ancient, won’t last.

I weep for the forest
That once touched the sky.
Nowadays it is we who must fly.
Every winged creature
And burrowing mole
Have lost their homes
Which people stole.

I weep for the majesty
Of branches spread wide
They no longer exist.
They have all died.
I can’t imagine what to
Put in their place.
Just concrete buildings ?
What a disgrace!


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