We slipped across the border
From England into Wales.
We reached the Rhonda Valley
And there were no gales.
A welsh angel met our train
And guided us eight miles.
There wasn’t any talk,
Just her warmth and smiles.

We stayed two nights in Cardiff
And chanced the modern bars.
Left, because the music
Rose beyond the stars!
Yet Cardiff seemed so friendly
The Welsh so unimpaired.
Asides were quick and witty
A gentle humour shared.

Then on we went to Fishgard
And eventually ate fish.
It was such quality,
Put upon the dish.
We travelled to St. Davids
And hopefully said prayers.
Saw the Bishop’s palace
And climbed a lot of stairs.

The beautiful Cathedral
Is still there in my mind,
But mostly I recall
People who were kind.
Now we are back in London
Our memories to share.
With deep respect, I wash
The Welsh rain from my hair!


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