It’s not my style to moralise
But matters should be otherwise –
And lately I’d been feeling rather flat!
So I pulled myself together
And prepared for better weather –
When I blew my monthly pay-cheque on a cat!

If my spirits are inactive
Or I’m not my most attractive,
I do wonder after being where we’re at.
Now I find sweet elevation
To recline in contemplation –
And I’m very deeply glad I found that cat.

When the news beats out sensations
Or disturbing revelations
Of celebrity parading as a brat,
I avoid mind-soothing potions
By replacing these commotions –
With soft music and the purring of my cat.

I once believed my duty
Was the ceaseless search for beauty,
And I studied every ‘this’ and every ‘that’.
Now I take perpetual pleasure –
In my care a priceless treasure –
It’s a sun drenched, sleeping feline – on the mat!

This poem was written with the help of
my husband John Baker.


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