I watch leaves dance in tune
with the breeze
beneath a gentle London sky.
I’ve just heard of refugees
And fear that many more will die.
I watch lamps shine brightly
in the street.
The radio continues its grim news:
People have walked for days in burning heat.
Prayers rise from Church of England pews.

I see on a computer screen,
migrants sprayed and driven hence.
I wonder at this barbaric scene:
Dogs? Bullets? And yet another fence?
A vision of some leaders shaking hands.
On what deal are they agreeing?
To shovel people back to their own lands
to face the war zones they are fleeing!

I switch my lights off and settle in
clean sheets.
Why did God give me a life of ease?
I feel millions of broken heart beats
And hear the migrants calling,
“ Help us please!”
In Britain, politicians reply:
Not yet, or wait, who can we blame?
Meanwhile, how many more will die?
While leaders seem deaf to our cry of shame!


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