These days I do a check list
Before I leave the flat.
Have I got the mobile phone?
Have I fed the cat?
Is the shopping list complete
With all that is desired ?
Did I take medicine
I’m told is now required.?

When looking for my glasses
Will they be on my nose?
My purse, pass and debit card
How this check list grows!
Have I tidied up my hair?
Is this the right door key?
It makes me want to swear
This checking up on me!

Did I turn the gas taps off?
And is the iron unplugged?
Are bath taps off securely?
Is my husband hugged?
There’s our dear cat, called Herbert
Looking round the door,
Asking me to serve him food
He may have had before?

No, I can’t recall the name
On whom I mean to call!
So it will be a miracle
If I get there at all!
And after all these obstacles
To meeting my new day,
I think I’ll go back in again.
It’s raining, anyway!

A humorous verse about old age.


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