Prayer for St Pauls

St Paul’s against the winter sky,
A radiant dome so vast and high.
And marvellous ringing of the bells
The roar of London’s traffic quells.

Three hundred years ago erect
To a magnificent effect,
The architect, with gifted people
Built this church without a steeple.

With influence from France and Rome,
Wren designed this splendid dome,
Shaped to link heaven and earth
By this astronomer of worth.

From pavement to the London sky.
Three hundred, sixty five feet high.
As many days as in the year.
Astronomer’s connection here?

A place of beauty made for prayer.
And history with the world to share.
May God bless all her generous friends
Upon whose love St Paul’s depends.

Our prayers are like a golden chain
Whose links support and help maintain
To keep God’s house of prayer alive.
Long may this great cathedral thrive!

This poem was inspired by St Paul’s Cathedral, London UK


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