Her days of housework are over.
She has to live with the dust.
She would say to me, “Come on over.
You’re the only one I trust”

Her days of not cleaning the windows
Scar the incoming sun.
A curtain flaps
Where its hook unwraps.
The repair has not been done.

Her days of action suspended.
She sits upright in her chair.
An old lady I’ve befriended.
She refuses to go into care.

There are many old people
Liviing in isolation.
What they really need is
Lively conversation.

She is deaf. Her eyesight is poor.
She is aged ninety three.
Nothing happens anymore.
She’s content just to rest and be.

There’s a splendid view from her home.
East London spreads out below.
You can clearly see the Dome
Lit up in the sky’s rosy glow.

Reader, pause for a while.
Say a prayer for such as she.
I can still see her bravely smile
As she waves goodbye to me.


Can you distinguish

a cat from a dog?

Can you distinguish

a fish from a frog?

Can you distinguish

a mouse from a rabbit?

Can you distinguish

a nun from her habit?

Can you distinguish

the moon from the sun?

Can you distinguish

grief from good fun?

Can you distinguish

a tree from a flower?

Can you distinguish

a week from one hour?

Can you distinguish

a door from a fence.

There’s no point to this

It doesn’t make sense!

Can you distinguish

a foe from a friend

This rhyme I’ll extinguish

or go round the bend.

Yes! I’ll extinguish,

for this is the END!


I must make a confession.

I have given the wrong impression

for I wrote ‘A cry for the earth’.

What is it worth

when I am cheating?

We have gas fired central heating!

To take it away

Would cost more than we can pay

But my feelings I want to make clear

despite this my words were sincere.

Why do things always connect

with money.

I suspect it is because

everything is so dear.

And this isn’t funny!


The poor are banned

from owning land.

It should be free!

Don’t destroy the tree.

Don’t build.

We’ve killed enough nature

And are killing more.

Humans are a sore

on this earth with more

and more birth.

Where can it end?

Countless species depend

on nature to be cherished.

So much has perished!

It’s our duty

to retain the beauty

of this world,

since through the stars it was hurled

And forged creatures

whose features are so diverse

Yet the human curse

put oil in the sea

crippling birds and fish horribly.

Yes, this is a morbid song,

But so much is wrong.

We’ve neglected this place

in the race

for comfortable living.

And who is forgiving?


Our behaviour must change.

This is strange,

but we need a new saviour.

We’ve even dumped

litter in space!


What a disgrace!

But steady….

polution is killing the earth.

How can we assess the worth

of a universe yet unknown.

Are we alone?

If not we will be

when aliens see

how we survive.

How long will humans be alive?

Do we care what the young inherit?

And see how bereft of merit

we were.

All the books, music, technology

and art:

Are they just a staged part

to express the pain and joy

of thought

which was bought?

Yet Love is still a major delight;

So let us unite

to save our lands,oceans and trees.

Let us combine

to stop the decline



A Re rewrite:

If we ask a question

and there’s no reply

Has the answer vanished?

Do we wonder why?

If we make a statement

and silence greets its theme

Do we just repeat it

or madly stamp and scream?

Shall we just ignore you?

Would you be offended?

So sorry to bore you,

It was not what we intended.

Perhaps if we went away

without another sound

You might answer us, but hey!

We might not be around!


Trees are brushing the late sun.

There’s a party across the road.

The music is loud.

They’re having fun

With rap and boom boom sound.

But at the moment this

is out of bounds

due to Corona virus,

but these young don’t care.

They are enjoying each

other’s company. advised

not to share.

And lock down rules

make the Government look

like fools :

masks have been discarded

and distancing ignored

Lock down was regarded

as prisons for the bored.

How will it pan out?

We shall wait and see.

Meanwhile we must take care

If we want to remain

virus free.


Clouds like heaps of snow

are silver gilded from the light;

Beyond them we can’t go

but watch with yearning

some birds in flight.

Shadows on pale sky;

wings finely feathered.

Up! Up! And they fly

unaffected and not weathered

by rain drops falling

on the window pane,

as we listen to the gulls calling

again and again.

The clouds have now vanished

A sky is ironed smooth.

Bird life is banished;

their existence only this

poem can prove.


Football final.

The flames of hope

just died to a spark.

TVs in English streets

light up the dark,

but the ashes of our hopes

drift through the air

and overwhelm our team

with regret to share,

at the death of a dream

which has gone

we know not where.


Flames of hope

are burnished in England’s breast.

Will we win or will we lose?

Today we face football’s grand test.

Tomorrow it’s front page news.

Oh! but if we win

how the beer will flow

with loud singing

and flags raised.

But if the game is lost

what a devastating blow

for a team that has been

so highly praised.

Children sing for victory.

Even the PM

has flags of England

proudly displayed

in support of our team

these courageous men

with muscles forged of steel

strongly made.

When it’s all over

be it win or lose

at least people will have

felt united.

Although many will be left

with the blues,

the winners. Yes the winners!

Will be hugely delighted!


Guider of vast universes.

Inspirer of sacred verses.

We adore the years received

since the hour we first believed.

Compassion, love and sacrifice.

It was Jesus who paid a price

for sinful people who strive

with the main task to stay alive.

Yet in despair we seek

a message from one great yet meek

as we try to reach beyond

this world of which we are so fond.

When the silence breaks

and we admit our mistakes

And our prayers cascade

We become less afraid.

Thankful for the recipe

of Christ’s love to live

in harmony.

His teaching echoes tenderly

Guiding our souls

to his pure memory