Her days of housework are over.
She has to live with the dust.
She would say to me, “Come on over.
You’re the only one I trust”

Her days of not cleaning the windows
Scar the incoming sun.
A curtain flaps
Where its hook unwraps.
The repair has not been done.

Her days of action suspended.
She sits upright in her chair.
An old lady I’ve befriended.
She refuses to go into care.

There are many old people
Liviing in isolation.
What they really need is
Lively conversation.

She is deaf. Her eyesight is poor.
She is aged ninety three.
Nothing happens anymore.
She’s content just to rest and be.

There’s a splendid view from her home.
East London spreads out below.
You can clearly see the Dome
Lit up in the sky’s rosy glow.

Reader, pause for a while.
Say a prayer for such as she.
I can still see her bravely smile
As she waves goodbye to me.


The wealthy’s abodes

reach to the sky.

The air conditioned homes

of Dubai.

Served by the poor

who fail to ask why

they serve the rich of Dubai.

Billions of dollars

move on the screen.

The wealthy swear

they are clean.

Transactions so dubious

yet hidden within

a complex web

as the billionaires win.

The sun shines all day.

They own jets and yachots

When they pray

they forget the have nots

as they engage

and with bankers comply

the billionaire ones of Dubai .

We cannot ask

how they gained their wealth

for this they mask

and move with stealth

And if questioned how

they have moved so high

It is strange how silent

are the rich of Dubai.


A message of silence

echoes in the air.

Replies vanish

in atmospheres rare.

Transparent clouds float

pallid and fair.

Silence is greeted

with a blank stare.

The answer is dumb

For the question is dead.

And the souls are now numb

for nothing is said.

The message dissolves

when it’s understood

how much time involves

in creating good.

Love ignites the heart

and illuminates

each and every part

to determine our fates.

From the stillness

and silence emerges

one voice.

As Jesus offers us a choice

to return to the blank

empty soul and die

or join with the angels

in heaven and fly!


They stole sunlight from the air;

replaced it with electric glare.

Warmth was created too.

Radiators had to do.

One night the stars were snatched

as from the sky they were


The moon vanished; its

light faded,

when the elements were


Not content with so much booty

the thieves stole more

of nature’s beauty.

The seasons were then


in order to distract

voters from the politicians’


And IS the government

to blame?


The Thames rippled silver

off to the sea,

taking his ashes to eternity.

The sky glittered pale

round the sun.

Tears on her hands,

where they shone.

A memory, a prayer

for his soul to be blessed.

A longing to know

he is Heaven’s guest.

And the Thames rippled


The gulls wheeled above.

His ashes were followed

by undying love.


Dare to be free.

Speak aloud.

Truth is the key

of which to be proud.

Banish the censor

when it lies.

The human adventure

will learn to be wise.

With the chance

to replenish the soul

explore and enhance

a life that is whole.

Let’s travel the way

that educates

and with thanks pray

for our privileged fates.


Pierce the grey sky.

Release gold beams.

Open bright flowers

to drink gold gleams.

Warmth touches earth’s

dark womb,

giving birth so plants

can bloom.

Beneath their wings

birds in flight

capture the breeze

from a great height.

Children are chasing

their faces aglow:

Young figures gracing

the morning’ flow.

The church bell strikes

half past eight

as the Vicar opens

the main gate.

A ginger cat sits

washing its face.

Everything now

is in the right place.


While some British complain

at the cost of living, cold and rain

The Russians bomb Ukraine.

That we once did bless

our precious NHS

disintegrates each day.

How many of us pray?

Or just complain,

While the Russians

bomb Ukraine?

As politicians lie

fill their pockets.

Do we just sigh

Not ask them to explain

While the Russians bomb Ukraine!

Now rail men are on strike

Do we bravely hitch hike

or steal some body’s bike

to cause them pain

While the Russians bomb Ukraine?

As our Royalty are smeared

For whom many have cheered

the end of the monarchy

is feared,

some would sustain

While Russians bomb Ukraine!

Our loved pet homes fill

while the crucially ill

are put on hold,

even the very old

are treated with distain

As the Russians bomb Ukraine

The Brits crave something better –

Even a Christmas letter –

Striking postmen too

have made some people blue

while they wonder is it true

that so many have been slain?

Yet the Russian bomb Ukraine!


She contemplates

the more she accumulates

the more there is to lose.

But the expense

of her defense

still persuades her to choose

to help those in need.

It’s the Christians’ creed

though questioned by

some of her friends.

To conserve for herself

to steel her nerve

and pray for good health.

For the sharing of wealth

is happiness indeed!


Don’t put her in a care home

because her strength has failed.

She would not like her freedom

to be curtailed

or to be surrounded only by the old:

grey hair and zimmer frames

And doing what she’s told!

Don’t test her memory;

It’s rather good.

And she would hate you

to be misunderstood.

Let freedom of expression

still be allowed.

Forgive her the impression

of being too proud.

She may be wiser than many

you have met

so please don’t patranise her.

She isn’t done for yet!